Update: Full Batman Arkham Origins Trailer, Deathstroke DLC Details


Remember earlier reports that Kevin Conroy was out? Well–that was not true. A post on Eurogamer quotes Conroy’s recent appearance at the Dallas Comic Con, where he dropped some knowledge on us:

“We’ve been working for about nine to ten months on the next Arkham. We all signed these contracts that we weren’t allowed to talk about this. The studio likes to completely control the roll out of any product, so they don’t like any of us to talk about anything. It’s now been announced.

It’s an unbelievable game. I still can’t say anything about it. You don’t want me to anyway because I’d ruin it for you. But it’s amazing. It’s a huge, huge cast and a big story. It took almost a year to write and put together. They’ve been working on it for a long time.”

The post also offers up some more details on what the Deathstroke DLC will entail. He’ll be a playable character in the challenge mode levels, but it seems as though, no, he won’t be a playable character in the main game itself. That’s not too surprising…we’ll see if anything more comes out that contradicts that info, though.

Anyone out there more excited now that they know Conroy’s back as the bat?

Update 2

Or, you know, not as the BAT, but at the very least, back. Joystiq says Roger Craig Smith–Ezio from Assassin’s Creed II–will be the Batman, while Troy Baker–Booker from BioShock Infinite–will be the Joker. So who is Conroy playing? Is he Batman…flashing back to his younger days? More and more questions.

Original Post

The full trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins is here, and it’s pretty bad-ass. Cinematic, full of fighting and kung fu, and explosions, and DC Comics villains. It also doesn’t show any gameplay…

But that’s okay! It seems like the people making it have a pretty decent idea about what makes a cool Batman adventure. Here we’ve got Deathstroke, Deadshot, and Black Mask, all plotting against Batman. It seems like Black Mask put the hit out on him, and that the other villains he’ll face are all competing to take him out. Not bad as far as video game premises go.

But there are still plenty of questions left to get answered. For instance, what kind of Batman game has a villain as a playable character? Because this one does: according to a post on GameInformer, pre-ordering Arkham Origins through Amazon will get you Deathstroke as a playable DLC character. As of now, it’s not clear how this will work. Will there be Deathstroke-specific missions? Or will you just go about the game as usual, but with Deathstroke and his moves instead of Batman’s? And, more importantly, will there be other villains as playable characters too? So many questions…so many questions…

What do you think of the trailer? And what other playable characters do you want to see when the game comes out this October?


[Via GameInformer]


  1. So happy now that Conroy is back!

    I was always going to get the game, but at least I won’t have to worry about who’ll replace him. But who could really replace Conroy at all?

  2. Batman Arkham Trailer: Cut scenes look amazing. In terms of playable character’s, how about some of the main one’s, like Robin, Joker and Cat Woman? Just a thought…

  3. According to Forbes, Baker will be voicing the Joker.

    • UGH I know. My brain was not fully formed when I wrote this this morning. Fixing now–thanks for the lookout.

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