Vita-Exclusive Killzone Releasing a Week Early

The PlayStation Vita will soon boast its own, exclusive entry in the Killzone franchise called Killzone: Mercenary. The game’s original release date is GONE—now it’s coming out a week earlier, set for September 10. It’s not often that we can report that a release date’s been moved up, so we’ll take this as the greatest of signs. Hooray for efficiency!

A post on the PlayStation Blog also points out some pre-order bonuses you can get for the game: 48 hours of double-XP, some extra in-game cash, and the M224-A1 light machine gun. Carnage!

From the gameplay footage in the trailer above, Mercenary looks like a pretty bad-ass shooter. I’m impressed. Oh, Vita. It’s nice to think about you again. Maybe one day I’ll release you from the prison that is my desk drawer.

[Via PlayStation Blog]

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