Sony Reveals Dust 514 Premium Pack Options

dust 514

Free-to-play games are fine and dandy—but everyone knows that if you want to be THE BEST, you’ve gotta shell out the green. As such, CCP Games revealed the three purchasable packs that can give players a leg-up now that Dust 514 has officially launched as of yesterday.

So what is this stuff? Well, $20 gets you the Mercenary Pack, $50 gets you the Veteran Pack, and a cool hundo will buy you the Elite Pack, with suitable bonus items and goodies to match the corresponding payment levels. Helpfully, the in-game currency—Aurum, matches the amount you pay. For instance, if you pay $20, you get 40,000 AUR, while $50 and $100 gets you 100,000 AUR and 200,000 AUR, respectively. If nothing else, you’ll get bonus items, plus that money to spend in the game’s store. So that’s something.

Now, I tried playing this during the beta and I was absolutely terrible. Also, I’m pretty bad at FPS games in general, but I had a hell of a time figuring out even how to get started. Anybody else have similar troubles? Or are you raring to go on Dust 514?

[Via CCP Games]

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