Gran Turismo 6 Announced, Coming to PS3 This Holiday Season


After a number of details and alleged press releases leaked this morning regarding the game, Sony has finally stepped out from behind the curtain and officially announced Gran Turismo 6 – slated for release this holiday season on PlayStation 3 exclusively. Surprise!

Initially, details about the game were being heard through the grape vine, thanks to a Gran Turismo event occurring currently at the Silverstone Circuit in the UK, where folks in attendance are learning about the series and “exciting announcements about its future.”

Then, earlier this morning, Toyota started tweeting about the game.

“10 million copies of [Gran Turismo 5] have been sold,” according to the Toyota Europe communications team, who tweeted this before Sony could get around to, oh, you know… publicly mentioning their new game.

“Gran Turismo is most successful [PlayStation] franchise ever – over 70 million copies sold to date, almost 50% in Europe.”

And then they continued to tweet, and tweet hard. They even had screenshots!

When we get more solid details from Sony, we’ll be sure to share them with you. Just know that the game is coming, and it hopefully won’t be delayed 84 times like that other Gran Turismo game.

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  1. I love that reality car racing game since PS one I hope they will release it for PS4 rather than PS3.

    • personally, i am glad it is a PS3 release. The PS3 is plenty powerful, and i do not want to purchase a PS4 any time soon. At least this is how i feel pre-E3. I may just yet change my mind, but as of now i am just fine with the PS3’s graphics, especially for a car game. GT5 looks beautiful. aside from the 800 low-def cars (i assume that they did not have disk space/time to render them all HD) i have no issues with the graphical fidelity of the game. I just want a more robust racing career, and better online play. And more jazz. i need more jazz.

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