Another Update on the Status of Silicon Knights

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Ever since news broke that many former employees of Silicon Knights had started Precursor Games, questions have swirled about the current status of the Too Human developer. A post on GameInformer offers up a few more details in that regard—but enough questions still remain to keep us guessing.

According to the post, Silicon Knights’ CFO Mike Mays says that the company is now “mostly working on legal issues,” apparently signifying that the developer is, well, no longer a developer. In addition there is “more than one” employee of the company, but Mays wouldn’t say how many. As to the computers that went from Silicon Knights to Precursor Games, Mays reiterates that the computers were wiped clean before being sold to the new studio. Furthermore, the art assets that found their way to Precursor were actually purchased by former Silicon Knights employees when they were laid off.

It’s coincidental, then, that the company would lay off pretty much all its staff, offer the option of purchasing art for a game over a decade old, and that the staff would come all come together to work on a “spiritual sequel” to that game at a brand new company? Especially considering that the sequel is one that was in the works at the old company but failed to gain any traction?

The real question that seems to remain at this point is what Epic will do in order to get its $4.5 million judgment against Silicon Knights satisfied. It seems pretty clear that SK has done everything it can to avoid paying that, including selling off assets to a new entity that would’ve been liquidated should the company file for bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, the fundraising campaigns for Shadow of the Eternals continues to move along. The Kickstarter page has $57,135 pledged as of this writing, while the company’s internal fundraising campaign has $155,980 in-hand. So far, that’s a combined total of over $200,000—but still a long way off the goal of $1.5 million. Can they make it? If they make it, will this game actually get made? If the game is actually made, will it actually be any good? And will Epic step in at any point to try and put the brakes on, and seize the funds to satisfy the legal judgment against Precursor’s former incarnation?


[Via GameInformer]

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