Rockstar Releases a Dozen New GTA V Screens

Last week’s big bunch of new information about Grand Theft Auto V, confirmed for release on September 17 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, opened the floodgates, it seems. Today, Rockstar published 12 new screenshots from the upcoming blockbuster, giving players a glimpse into the life of an outlaw.

The game’s three protagonists—Michael, Franklin, and Trevor—are engaged in all kinds of shenanigans, “parachuting over Blaine County, piloting over the coastline in a Cuban 800, as well as attending to business affairs solo and as a masked unit tackling heists.” I love it.

I’m definitely stoked to tackle the team-based heist action, and I really want to find out more about whether or not I’ll be able to do so with three-player cooperative multiplayer online. How awesome would that be? Say it’s true, Rockstar. Make my bank-robbing dreams come true.

  1. Why is there nothing here about how Rockstar is trying to make the game uncrackable so they are holding back the PC release…

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