New EA and FIFA Agreement Lasts Through 2022

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Electronic Arts has been making games based on the FIFA license since 1993—and they’re going to keep on making them for quite a while to come. Today, EA announced that the contract between the game publisher and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association has been extended through December 31, 2022.

Want to know what the parties involved had to say about the agreement? Here’s EA Sports executive vice president Andrew Wilson:

“EA SPORTS released the first FIFA-branded soccer game in 1993, and 20 years later our partnership with FIFA continues to be very strong. Our franchise has become the benchmark for quality and innovation in the sports videogame genre, and we look forward to many more years of connecting with consumers around the world with our games carrying the prestigious FIFA name.”

Then there was this from FIFA secretary general Jérôme Valcke:

“Our relationship with EA SPORTS is of high importance to FIFA. The FIFA videogames are a key experiential component in our work to communicate the FIFA brand and its values all over the world. This is highlighted by the 2.5 million football fans that have competed in this year’s FIFA Interactive World Cup, which is just one example of the power of our partnership with EA.”

So there you go: more EA-made FIFA games. That’s good, right? FIFA fans are generally happy with the job EA’s done…right? Last year I wrote about the history of EA Sports for All Your History, and covered FIFA briefly in episode 3. When the series was finished, one of the biggest complaints we got in the comments on YouTube was the lack of extensive FIFA coverage. If I haven’t explained why we didn’t go into more depth with FIFA, allow me to do so now: those games exist, and people like them. The end.

My understanding is that the games have come out and sold very well, and that, really, there isn’t much conflict there. That means that the other properties from EA Sports got more attention, because there’s been lots more drama in those areas. So now’s your chance to correct me, FIFA fans: is this contract extension a good thing, or a bad one? Are you pleased with the job EA’s been doing with the license since 1993? Or is this yet another example of EA’s taking advantage of its stranglehold on the sports market and turning out subpar games? Lay it on us, soccer (I mean “futbol”) fans.

  1. For the most part FIFA has been fantastic till recently. FIFA 13 is one of thr buggest itterations in the franchise. Not only was there a period where I couldn’t load and play my manager career, but there have have several instance of invisible balls and players, but the worse offender is the fact that the game constantly freezes all the time. In game, In a menu, at anytime you are not safe from this game from freezing. Futhermore the defenses in this game are too perfect. Not in the sense that they’re unbeatable but in the sense that they never commit any fouls. Thus there are rarely any FK/PK’s. In my career out of 40 games I had 2 maybe 3 FK chances. It’s absurd. There are tons of other issues like how every 50/50 ball in the box goes to the defense and how when your opponents barely touch the ball on a tackle the ball rolls perfectly to one of their teammates etc. However even with all these problems FIFA 13 is still a great game. FIFA 13 might be slipping but only time will tell. Also for the sake of free market I’d like to see Konami with the rights to FIFA. Keep competiton nice and sharp. At any rate there isn’t much to say about fifa except They make it l, we buy it.

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