XCOM Out for Mac, But Not on Steam

xcom mac

For a while now, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of 2K Games and Firaxis’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown on the Mac—not because I have a Mac, but because one of my best buddies does, and I wanted him to get in on the action so we could do some multiplayer. But, as it turns out, XCOM for Mac is out—and it’s not on Steam, the platform I was hoping would be able to unite our computers in harmonious multiplayer action.

The news comes courtesy of a post on GameInformer from yesterday, which points out that the studio that handled the Mac port, Feral Interactive, seems to avoid making games available on Steam entirely. Previous Mac ports, like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and ports of the recent Arkham series have all eschewed Steam in favor of being downloadable directly from Feral’s site. Why is that? I don’t know. But I’m bummed out about it.

Anyway, the game’s out on the Mac, so if you don’t have a PC and you haven’t played XCOM: Enemy Unknown yet, now’s the time to get going on it, you dummy.

[Via GameInformer]

  1. But Xcom : Enemy Unknown has been on steam for a while now? Or are we thinking diffrent Xcoms?


    • Yeah, this is about Steam for Mac though. As in, if you open Steam on a Mac device, you won’t find XCOM: Enemy Unknown listed.

      I was confused about this too, haha.

      • Oh okay, that makes way more sense now.

        Except the fact it isn’t on steam for macs, that doesn’t make sense.
        Whatever, I’m obviously not a publisher, what would I know?

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