Zone of the Enders Sequel Canceled


Last year saw the announcement of work being done on a new project in the Zone of the Enders franchise. But it seems as though the game’s been scrapped, according to a post on SiliconEra. Hideo Kojima explained during his web radio show that he’s canned the game and dismantled the team.

The cause, it seems, was the poorly received Zone of the Enders HD Collection that featured a poor transfer from 30 frames per second to 60, prompting Kojima to apologize for the shoddy visuals. The post says that “Kojima and his team have re-programmed the entire game, and will release a free PlayStation 3 patch that should fix the problem and greatly enhance its performance.” There won’t be an Xbox 360 patch, however…which kind of sucks.

But in the aftermath of that hiccup, Kojima put the kibosh on the new ZoE game. He now “would like to re-evaluate the franchise before moving forward…he also wants to re-evaluate fans by asking once more, whether they would still like to see a Zone of the Enders sequel.”

So there you have it: no new Zone of the Enders. It’s probably just as well. Apparently Respawn Entertainment’s new game, Titan, is going to have all kinds of fighting robots. I’m sure we’ll get by.

[Via SiliconEra]

  1. If said patch does make the game more playable, hell I could consider wanting a new ZoE sequel.

  2. Excited for the patch, saddened about the cancel. Maybe in the distant future, but it looks like it won’t be anytime soon.

  3. This is truly upsetting. Maybe the reception from the patch would help convince Kojina to revisit the franchise sooner than later.

  4. Man this sucks big time, how can you not make ZOE 3? Ive been waiting for years…

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