PS Plus Subscribers to get Sleeping Dogs Next Week

sleeping dogs

The latest game to join the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection will be Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs for the PlayStation 3. The news comes from a post on Joystiq, which points back to the PlayStation Blogcast as the source of the newest addition to the collection. The game will be available for free download next week on May 7. That ain’t bad!

In addition, Pinball Arcade on the PS3 will also be in the Instant Game Collection, as well as Knytt Underground and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend. Three new instantly free games! That’s always fun. Thanks, Sony.

[PlayStation Blogcast via Joystiq]

  1. Not a shabby game, and right on my “clawed my way out of a flesh trap” day.

  2. Why is Manti Teo the biggest face?

  3. Got it on Steam for 7 bucks. Nuf said.

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