Peter Molyneux to Appear at Next-Box Event


Peter Molyneux, the creator of Fable (the much-hyped RPG series that was exclusive to the Xbox and Xbox 360), will be making an appearance at Microsoft’s console-unveiling event from the company’s Redmond, WA headquarters on May 21. A post on Eurogamer reports that Molyneux is attending the event, but not as a guest of Microsoft. Mystery and intrigue!

Said the game designer:

“There’s an opportunity that’s come up for me to be involved—it’s not from Microsoft by the way—in the Xbox announcement, and I’m probably going to take up that opportunity. I’m sworn to secrecy here. It should be fun, and maybe slightly contentious.”

What? Huh? Contentious? Contentious how? I don’t know what you mean, Peter. Is that what’s inside the cube? The new Xbox?

Apparently, though, Molyneux won’t be actually appearing as a part of the event at all…he’ll just, like, be there:

“No, you won’t see me on the Microsoft stage. I can categorically say, I’m the last person they will want on their stage!”

That’s probably because his work with Microsoft didn’t quite live up to the potential the publisher had hoped. Fable has its fans, sure, but it’s hardly in the category of some of the other more important console-exclusive franchises…like, say, Halo.

Molyneux also explained that his independent developer 22cans is not actively developing a title for Microsoft’s new console:

“I’m very firmly in the multi-device camp now, where it’s mobile, it’s PC and all formats and not kind of tying myself to one particular format. I’m sure if they came with a wheelbarrow of cash I might change that opinion. But at the moment there are no wheelbarrows parked outside.”

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that no one at Microsoft is shopping for wheelbarrows to bring to your studio, Mr. Molyneux.

[Via Eurogamer]

  1. Your puns always make me laugh.

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