Machinima App Launches on Xbox LIVE

machinima app

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here: the Machinima video app went live on the Xbox 360 console yesterday, and it’s chock full of all kinds of content and fart jokes, which is exactly the kind of thing you’ve been craving all your lives.

First announced back at E3 last year, the Machinima app will let you easily watch all the programming you have to search out on YouTube—RIGHT THERE ON YER XBOX. In fact, according to Major Nelson’s blog post, the Machinima App is the very first one to launch simultaneously worldwide—so that’s pretty cool. Groundbreaking, even. You’re welcome, PLANET EARTH.

Anyway, yes. Machinima app is live. Go download it, watch some Halo: Forward Unto Dawn. Watch some Mortal Kombat Legacy. And watch Kovic and Bruce make with the funny video game news each and every day. Don’t say we never did anything for you. Because if you did, you’d be totally lying.

  1. The subscription service doesn’t seem to work very well yet. Fix in the works for that?

  2. I finally have a reason to get an Xbox.

    I’m halfway serious. It’d be easier and faster to have IGD on my TV.

    You guys should make the IG-Box. Running on Gentoo GNU + Linux

  3. This totally unecessary app requires a live gold membership, a tiny but vital piece of information your app ad lacks.

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