LEGO Marvel Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is going to be a very fun game—of that I have no doubts. As you can see in the above teaser trailer, the usual suspects are gathering together to beat up the bad guys, and will eventually face that devourer of worlds, Galactus, who is awesome. I love Galactus. He wears a lot of purple, and used to have a giant ‘G’ on his chest (for “Galactus,” I assume). Also, he used to wear shorts:


Galactus is the best.

Anyway, there are a few bonuses you can grab depending on where you pre-order the game, which is set to be released on all platforms (except and even PC!) this fall. If you get it at Walmart, you get an Iron Patriot figure, while GameStop is offering a Spider-Man keychain for all who pre-order (and an Xbox 360/PS3 DLC pack for Power Up Rewards members). And Amazon is just giving a straight $10 credit, which, I think, is my favorite of all. “We have nothing cool to give you, so here’s an Andrew Jackson—go get something you like.” Thank you, Uncle Amazon.

I’m gonna get this thing for sure…but I hope there’s some online co-op. If so, then I gotta figure out what platform would help that work best…

  1. I say while WB has the license to Marvel’s likeness, they need to do an Injustice style of game but with Marvel characters.

  2. Andrew Jackson’s on the $20 bill, Alexander Hamilton is on the $10.

  3. In the end of the teaser, there is the PC logo that it means will be released for PCs….fail?

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