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Ever since it was announced, I’ve been very interested in any details about Batman: Arkham Origins, the WB Montreal-developed prequel in the popular comic-based franchise. For example, not too long ago rumors started to swirl about the possibility of some cooperative multiplayer, causing me to hope/speculate that we might get some team-up action between Batman and Robin.

But a post on GameInformer yesterday provides clues into the role the Boy Wonder may play in the game—or, more specifically, the role he won’t play. The game’s development team was asked about any connections between the game’s Christmas-eve set plot, and the classic “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells” parody, leading to this sort-of revelatory answer from creative director Eric Holmes:

“One thing I can say to partly answer that is there’s no Robin at this part of the continuity. There’s no concept of Robin. Batman works alone…who knows, perhaps the first egg may be laid…”

That seems to hint that the beginnings of the partnership may be explored in the game’s story, but that it’s pretty unlikely that Robin will play any kind of significant role along the lines I was hoping. Which is a damn drag, and the OPPOSITE of what I want. Doesn’t anyone out there share my appreciation for the Robin character? And, I have to point out again, Robin joined up with Batman only a year into his adventures, so even if this Batman is at the beginning of his career, continuity-wise, he didn’t work alone for very long. I’M JUST SAYING.

Anyway, that’s not the end of today’s WB Montreal news. A post on CVG points out a job listing at Time Warner for a new creative director at WB Montreal who would “be responsible for expanding the DC Comics universe in the interactive space.”

Does that mean that WB Montreal is the parent company’s go-to studio for all future DC-related game content? Does that mean that we’ve got some Superman, Flash, or Aquaman-related games to look forward to? And, as ever, where does that put Rocksteady and their DC Comics-related efforts?

Questions. So many questions. Hey! The Question! He should get a video game, too.

[Via GameInformer and CVG]

  1. I believe Tim is about 17 when Arkham City takes place, so that means that he’s been Robin for a little bit, and Jason has already died. How far back are they taking this game, since Dick started training to be Robin when he was 12 (I’m pretty sure that’s how old he was). And as you (and I on my FaceBook) have pointing out…..BRUCE HAD BEEN BATMAN FOR ONLY ONE YEAR BEFORE TRAINING ROBIN!!!! Seriously, this is worse Robin continuity than the New 52’s.

  2. Batman is lik 21 when dick comes along as robin so they r both very young. Just like batman is in arkham origins. I really want dick grayson in the game as robin despite the fact that tim drake is my favorite robin. Batman arkham origins is said to take place seven years b4 arkham asylum and arkham city. They said that batman is about 28 in that game giving dick grayson enough time to finish up as robin, turn into nightwing, Jason todd to die and become red hood, and TIM DRAKE to become the new robin! They also announced that rocksteady is working on a new arkham game after wb montreals arkham origins had its time. It is a sequel 2 arkham city…

  3. Hmm if I remember right (which I think I do), Bruce was 25 when he started being batman and was 26 when Dick became Robin. Dick was 8 and was Robin until he was 19. Jason Todd was Robin from ages 12-15 and Tim became Robin about six months later and stayed so for many years. I think DC tends to forget how long Bruce really has been under the cowl (hell, Dick’s been a crime fighter for 20 years yet they still want to make him 25).

    I think it’s a shame there won’t be a Robin, because as much as some people don’t like him (or an incarnation of him), the Robin character is most pivotal to Bruce’s story.

    I wish they would make an Arkham game post-Bruce’s death with Final Crisis. Dick is Batman, Damian is Robin, Tim is Red Robin, Stephanie as Batgirl, and Jason is back. If only.

    • That’s what I want!! With Hush becoming Bruce Wayne at the end of Arkham City, so that could have something to do with why Bruce wouldn’t be able to be Batman. And people who dislike having a Robin in a Batman game don’t even know how to comic book.

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