Call of Duty: Ghost Teaser Trailer Released

Activision unleashed the first official tease / announcement for Call of Duty: Ghosts, which will release on November 5.

The teaser itself is pretty typical Call of Duty fare. Lots of manly pecs along with sentimentality about how badass military dudes are out there in the world, shooting people for the benefit of all mankind.

The one bit of concrete info in the trailer is that the actual for real unveiling will happen at the next Xbox reveal on May 21, which all but confirms Ghosts will also be available on that platform. Read between the lines a little and it also implies that the next Xbox will have Ghosts as a launch title, meaning the next Xbox may release on November 5 as well.

What does that mean for the game? Probably not too much, as it’s also coming out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Yes, the game will use a new “next-gen” engine, but since it will also be available on current-gen systems, it simply has to be graphically scalable. That means the game can’t be designed around “true” next-gen hardware since the game will still have to cram itself in to the smaller memory spaces of the 360 and PS3.

If you remember the dual-release games at the turn of this gen in 2006 (Gun anyone?) I’m thinking it’ll be similar. Games that are technically identical but look just a teensy bit better.

From a business perspective, Microsoft has demonstrated their dedication to currying exclusive content throughout this entire generation, mostly taking the form of timed exclusive DLC. It’s possible that’s what we’ll see this time around as well: a short gameplay demo followed by a bit of gloating around a two-week lead for map packs.

Personally, I’m putting my bets on a Durango version of Ghosts that’s heaped with extra-but-ultimately-meaningless goodies. I expect some sort of side campaign that lasts 90 minutes, a handful of extra multiplayer maps, and a year of Elite for the “next-gen” version of the game. The catch? I think Call of Duty: Ghosts will cost $70 for next-gen platforms.

That’s just my speculation, though. Activision was the first publisher to push PC games up to $60 with Call of Duty and established that price point on the platform. They’ve proved before that Call of Duty is the vehicle to establish higher price points and I doubt they’d miss the chance to bump it sooner rather than later.

  1. Correctamundo.

  2. Matters not to me. Not gonna buy that BS. :T The teaser was a middle finger, and now my middle finger is worth $70

  3. I doubt they’ll bump it up to 70. They were willing to bump PC games up to 60 because there was precedent for people to pay 60 dollars for video games on every other console, so it wasn’t unreasonable to think that PC Gamers would be willing to pay the same price. With a 70 dollar price point, especially as a launch title for the new Xbox, they’d lose way too many prospective buyers to other versions of the game.

  4. Activision: Alright already! Look, see?! New game engine! Now stop complaining!

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