Rumor: Respawn Entertainment’s Game Will Be Xbox Exclusive

titan respawn

Jason West and Vince Zampella’s Respawn Entertainment has had a new game in the works, set to be published by EA, for some time. A couple weeks ago, it was discovered that Respawn had registered the trademark for something called “Titan,” but the details ended there. However, a post on Kotaku credits unnamed sources as having the inside scoop on “Titan,” particularly the detail that it’ll be exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox consoles.

The post says that Titan will revolve around the struggle between “Davids and Goliaths,” with the “Davids” being “heavily-armed foot soldiers” and “Goliaths” being giant mech-style exoskeletons called “Titans.” So many allusions…basically, it’s a giant-robot combat game with little soldiers too. And, really, that’s all I needed to be infinitely more interested in this game, if this description proves to be true.

The post also cites its sources as saying that Titan is being built on Valve’s Source engine, and isn’t using any of EA’s engines. In addition, the sources say that it’ll appear on not just the Next-Box, but also the Xbox 360, with development duties going to another developer that Respawn is “hand-picking.”

Until we hear anything specific from Microsoft about its next-gen console—set to be unveiled on May 21—or anything specific from Respawn about its game—set to be announced at E3, most likely—we’ll just have to be content with these rumors. Does the idea of a sci-fi shooter involving agile and highly-mobile mechs sound appealing to you? How cool would it be to have a multiplayer shooter with one of your friends piloting a gigantic robot while the rest of your squad covers him on the ground? Giant robots. So cool. I have buttons: these rumors are pushing them. Could all of this be true? Or do you think it’s all BUNK?

[Via Kotaku]

  1. Well. The concept of the game seems like quite the leap to me, but if well executed, could work even in todays Gaming scene.

    But (you thought you got away without me ranting about something), the whole xbox exclusive thing enrages me really. Who in this days makes console exclusives any more (i mean starts new exclusives, existing ones like Halo are fine, even though I would love to see that return to PC)?
    Why would anyone to decide to make this a xbox only game, it’s just a major insult to the capabilities of every PC out there and the Playstation.

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