Rockstar Unveils Three New GTA V Trailers

I’m not sure how much to say about these trailers for Grand Theft Auto V that you can’t figure out on your own. They’re amazing. Above is Michael. Below is Franklin, then Trevor. Watch them. I’ll wait.

Michael is a middle-aged former (or current?) criminal who’s rich but miserable. His family makes him nuts, and he wants a nice quiet life…while still craving the thrills and dangers of breaking the law. And we learn a lot of this as he talks to his therapist, bringing up shades of Tony Soprano, don’t you think? Then there’s Franklin, who’s mired deep in what they call the “thug life.” It seems like he’s also unhappy with the situation he’s found himself in, which is likely what’ll cause him to hook up with Michael and Trevor. Speaking of Trevor, he’s clearly a major low-life. Remember Steve Buscemi from Fargo? Kind of like that guy. He’s gross, and he seems to be an old friend of Michael’s.

Frankly, I think I’m gonna like playing as Trevor the most, because he’s a total creep. Also, here’s a Juggalo:

gta juggalo

So there’s that.

What do you think of the trailers? This is basically going to be Game of the Year for 2013, right? I mean, I know a lot of folks really like that BioShock Infinite, but this one’s going to be amazing, right?

And not only that, plenty of people are saying that the visuals are too good to be current-gen, but so far Rockstar hasn’t confirmed that GTA V is going to be for PC or for next-gen systems, saying only that they’ll appear on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Do you believe them? Think that some more platform announcements are coming soon?

Just tell us what you think already. I want this game. I definitely don’t feel like waiting until its release date, September 17. I want it NOW.

  1. Trevor and Micheal’s storylines look linked.
    Franklin just seems like a detached random mobster from “the hood/crib/whatever you wanna call it” to me.

    But whatevz. Characters or not, this game would be great if we were playing as a cat or a dog (even though that would probably be quite the decision to make too, which one of the two to choose)

  2. They will bring it out for PC (later on), but next-gen isnt gonna be it. If they dont release it for pc, then they will lose a giant modding community and a whole lotta sales.

  3. i said it before and say it again…this game is de definitive last “HURRAH” for PS3/360…and its gonna be fucking epic..i hope it reclaims most successful entertainment launch ever title (GTAIV was the first before MW2) from COD…

  4. Balls… Lots of them…

  5. Now, if you are a big fan for mission oriented games, Grand Theft Auto V is definitely the video game of 2013. Personally, I can’t wait to see what new features this version will have and I’m counting down the days left to the official launch.!

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