Exclusive Fuse Trailer Brings on the Bad Guys

Insomniac’s first multi-platform game, Fuse, is coming out on May 28—which is next month. To prepare you, here’s an exclusive trailer that features the bad guys that the Overstrike team is fighting against. While the trailer still leaves plenty of mystery about who the baddies are, it’s not hard to figure out why they’re going after the alien element known as ‘fuse.’ They want power to take over the world—don’t all villains?

Anyway, one of the things I liked about this trailer was the way that they talk about the four-character team that players will get to command when the game comes out, saying they don’t negotiate or try to reform their enemies—they just kill. Pretty bad ass. The end of the trailer also notes that if you pre-order the game you can get some exclusive team extras, like upgraded uniforms, customizable weapons, and the ability to increase your damage. Since the game’s a four-player co-op, I imagine that only one person will need to pre-order to have access to the goodies…though I’m not sure.

Either way, it looks pretty solid to me. Your thoughts? Think you’ll be pre-ordering? Or are you going to wait until you read a couple reviews before buying it?

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