Wii U Virtual Console Games are Live

wii u virtual console

Yesterday, Nintendo finally rolled out its long-awaited system update, which allows for reduced load times between applications—a very welcome improvement. But Nintendo didn’t stop there: today, its first batch of Virtual Console Games are available for purchase. Here’s the list:

  • Super Mario World – $7.99
  • Excitebike – $4.99
  • Donkey Kong Jr. – $4.99
  • Balloon Fight – $4.99
  • F-Zero – $7.99
  • Punch-Out!! – $4.99
  • Ice Climber – $4.99

The NES 30th Anniversary promotion is still going, too, with a 30 cent copy of Kirby’s Adventure waiting for your love. In addition, if you’ve already bought an NES game on the Wii, you can re-buy it for the Wii U VC for a buck, while SNES games can be bought for a buck-fifty. Yes, it kind of sucks that you have to pay at all for games you’ve already purchased on the last console…but no one’s forcing you. And you can still play them if they’re hanging out on the partitioned Wii console app on the Wii U, so, you know, STOP WHINING.

Anyway, it’s out, it’s there for classic gaming. I have to say, even though I know I can find Super Mario World on any number of emulators, there’s just something right about playing it on a Nintendo console…difficult to resist, indeed. Any games out there you’re planning to get? Or that you’re waiting for them to release?

[Via Nintendo]

  1. Does the Wii u play Wii games too?

  2. Yes the WII U does play WII games and WII VC games, it has its own WII menu and its exactly the same as turning on your WII. Also the WII U does not play Gamecube games, when i bought my WII U i traded my WII to a friend for $45 and his Gamecube so i could still play GC games.

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