Smattering of New Destiny Concept Images


Take a gander at this small batch new concept art from Bungie and Activision’s highly anticipated game Destiny. Concept art is usually a pretty cool glimpse into the ideas behind the creation of a game, and from what we’ve seen of Destiny so far, this art looks extra cool. To be totally honest, I’d read a book based on these images. It feels a lot like the classic hard sci-fi from the mid-20th century.

What’s the sense you’re getting from this art? Do you like what you see? Or are you feeling skeptical about the lack of actual screens to come out of Bungie so far? And on that same note, what kinds of stuff are you hungry to see about Destiny? I’m kind of feeling intrigued about the mystery…but then, mystery gets old real fast.  Let us know what you think.







  1. I’m just sad that there’s no concrete word on a PC release. :c

  2. It’s like Star Wars meets Halo, which I find cool.

  3. Well we got some 1980s style sci fi arts with lots of sharp edges, a statue of someone who kind of looks like the Chief with people in modern g-suites walking around, hoodies, and my favorite,

    and F-100 Super Sabre with a PBY Catalina rusting in an airplane grave yard? Damn, 1960 just rolled up out the cut!

  4. I still have no idea what this game is about. But I may say that it is riding the band wagon from Halo. Bungie made a name for themselves, and the fans are interested in this game. If any other studio made it. I dont think there would be this much publicity.

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