Massive Layoffs at EA

ea layoffs

Layoffs in the video game industry have become an all-too regular occurrence. But today’s reports of EA-owned studios closing, with monumental layoffs, are a pretty awful example of an extremely unfortunate trend.

Early today, news first broke that EA would be closing its third-party co-publishing label, EA Partners. As pointed out by a GameInformer post, Partners was responsible for publishing Rock Band, Portal 2, and Crysis, not to mention the upcoming Insomniac-developed Fuse. But as the day progressed, reports have come out that PopCap Vancouver and Quicklime Games have also gotten shut down, with the result being layoffs in the hundreds, according to a Polygon post about the situation.

EA issued this statement about the reorganization:

“In recent weeks, EA has aligned all elements of its organizational structure behind priorities in new technologies and mobile.  This has led to some difficult decisions to reduce the workforce in some locations.  We are extremely grateful for the contributions made by each of our employees – those that are leaving EA will be missed by their colleagues and friends.

These are hard but essential changes as we focus on delivering great games and showing players around the world why to spend their time with us.”

The company hasn’t released any specific numbers about how many people have lost their jobs. But hopefully this will be the last we hear of layoffs from EA—or really, anyone—for quite some time. Our sympathies go out to anyone who lost a job today.

[Via GameInformer, Polygon, EA]

  1. Another great day at the land of sugar and puppies…

    For once I would like to open my browser and see something very good related to EA… well, best wishes to those out of jobs now, sadly the job opportunities on that sector seem to be dwindling everyday.

  2. Screw mobile gaming! Screw the very existence of tablets! Its sad that such gimmicky wastes of time can bring in more money than well designed immersive experiences

  3. I’m torn between feeling very sad for those who lost their job and seeing EA getting knocked down a peg or two.

    Does that make me a bad person?

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