Will Batman Arkham Origins have Multiplayer?

batman multiplayer

Batman: Arkham City is one of my favorite games, and the one thing I wanted more than anything else was the ability for some co-op superhero action. Batman and Robin, Robin and Nightwing, the whole gang just teaming up to take out bad guys—that would’ve been amazing. So hopefully what’s being reported about WB Montreal’s newest installment in the franchise is true: Arkham Origins is rumored to have some multiplayer component. That would be GREAT…if the rumor specified were closer to what I’d wanted.

The news comes by way of a post on Kotaku, which cites “two independent sources” who say that the game will have multiplayer. One of them offered up some details about what that might entail. Apparently, players will take the roles of villains and will team up to try and take down Batman and Robin. To me, that does not sound nearly as fun as the opposite scenario. That said, this is very much a rumor, so who knows? Maybe you’ll get the chance to do bad guys vs. good guys. Maybe there won’t be any multiplayer at all. Either way, I’m paying attention.

So now that this rumor’s been started, what are some of your dream scenarios for multiplayer? Personally, I would love a separate story campaign that’s done through cooperative play. Batman and Robin have to wipe out some bad guys together. Obviously challenge maps pitting good versus bad would be nice too, but for me, nothing would beat some straight up co-op campaign fun. What do you think?

[Via Kotaku]

  1. Technically Nightwing and Robin (Drake) shouldn’t even be around yet.

    • Not necessarily! Robin joined Batman after only a year of solo comics. Why shouldn’t there be a Boy Wonder? I ASK YOU.

      • Hmm Grayson was Nightwing on City right? they could make him Robin now for the story, and might as well put Barbara as Bat Girl, since she was the Oracle already, now one more sidekick and we have a 4-way co-op badass game for the ages.

  2. Batman and Gordon

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