Is “Ghosts” this Year’s Call of Duty Game?

cod ghosts

The next Call of Duty title seems to have been leaked today, revealing this fall’s newest installment in Activision’s shooter franchise to be Call of Duty: Ghosts.

To start, a Target sale circular lists Ghosts as coming out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 4, which was posted on Twitter by user Wario64. Meanwhile, British retailer Tesco posted listings for the game that have since been removed—but not before the above box art was grabbed by users on NeoGAF.

The NeoGAF post also links to a video from YouTube user Drift0r, who cites “a part of the Call of Duty machine” who’s given up lots of alleged details. This video was posted last month on March 21, so it’s been out there for a little while now. But with the confirmation of the CoD: Ghosts title, Drift0r’s information seems a lot more legit than it might’ve last month. Here are the details:

  • Branching away from the Modern Warfare series to start a new one.
  • Game will be officially announced on or around May 1st
  • Story is set in the future, but uses current-gen weapons (apparently some plot event forces everyone to use current-gen weapons)
  • Instead of the typical countdown starting multiplayer matches, it’ll play a short animation like rappelling down from a helicopter or sneaking into the map
  • Movement changes — you can dash into a slide all while shooting
  • Leaning left/right will be in the game on console versions now as well (they were in the PC versions of Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops II)
  • Can roll left and right while prone too
  • More environmental kills in multiplayer maps
  • This source also says the game will be next-gen only, which is clearly not the case

So here we are. We knew that there’d be a new Call of Duty this year, because there’s a new Call of Duty every year. But given these details, what do you think? Into it? Sick of it? Think it’s all bogus? Let us know.

[Via Joystiq, NeoGAF, @Wario64, and Drift0r]

  1. They have my interest. New commands may change the feel too much for me, but they sound cool so far.

  2. Whatever it is. Sadly its gonna be disappointing again on the PC.
    CoD is a console game and unless they stop making half-hearted PC ports it is sadly going to lack that extra punch on the PC.

    I truly wonder though if this might be the first CoD year when the sales number might actually not break a record and go back slightly.

  3. I actually know Drift0r. Looks like I need to ping him and see what’s on the up and up…

  4. I think it is fake, cause it is the PS3 cover, not the Xbox cover :P

  5. I work at gamestop and we will be giving out posters for pre orders on may 1st

  6. World exclusive first gameplay:

  7. This game doesn’t stand a GHOST of a chance of being in my game collection.

    Wow…..that was bad…

  8. Yes, I know… CoD sucks, same old shit, blah blah blah. Still gonna but it, still gonna play it.

  9. If they bring bot matches and dedicated servers, Yay!

    If not, another one I won’t be buying, it’s not like all of ‘em aren’t the same game anyway.

  10. man..i used to have a dream about activision doing a sacrifice and NOT releasing a call of duty title to have an (at least) 18 month break from this madness..i love the brand, i just get really depressed thinking of the day the actually realised how fucked up and greedy they are and decide to give the franchise “a break” because i didnt sell 10 million copies con week 1…

  11. I was hoping for Modern 4fare

  12. ITS RAINING MONIES – the parents monies, stupid brats

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