What if Superman 64 Took Place Under Water?

I present to you, dearest game enthusiast, Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis — the Nintendo GameCube game that Superman 64 always wanted to be… if Metropolis was flooded, you possessed no powers but that of dog-paddling and there were slightly fewer rings to fly through. Mostly, though, you swim… you swim and you like it.

And as Wikipedia puts it:

“The player progresses by swimming around the level and defeating the enemies there. The levels are filled with empty ruined buildings that Aquaman sometimes has to swim around. Sometimes Aquaman approaches groups of enemies.”

But hey… at least the compass arrow somewhat resembles a trident. That right there is what we in the biz call a good “bang for your buck.”

[via Brian “Aquaman” Rubin]

  1. This was a bad game. That said, I would play it again if Nintendo released it on the Virtual Console. What kind of petitions do we have to start to get our Aquaman back, dammit? Who needs Earthbound when our Sea King needs us?

  2. Literally just saw JonTron’s video on this. Funny how things like that work.

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