New Epsilonism Trailer Appears on Rockstar’s Website

epsilon 8

Last August, the website promoting the Scientology-like religion in the GTA universe—the Epsilon Program—got an update that hinted at some forthcoming Grand Theft Auto V goodness. Today, Rockstar’s own main site got an Epsilon-themed update, offering up a looping video that extols the benefits of joining the program and exploring your body for birthmarks (to see if you’re a descendent of an alien, obviously).

Below are a few gems I pulled from the trailer as it played, since I’m pretty sure I can’t embed it in this post. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates from Rockstar as the Grand Theft Auto V release date approaches.

Personally, I can’t wait to join the Epsilon Program. Apparently I will get to lay with many women.

epsilon 7

epsilon 6

epsilon 5

epsilon 4

epsilon 3

epsilon 2

epsilon 1

[Rockstar via GameInformer]

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