Mikami Talks Details about The Evil Within

Last week, Bethesda revealed that its next game project would be The Evil Within, a new survival horror game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and his studio, Tango Gameworks. Today, IGN posted some more details about what fans can expect when the game comes out in 2014 for the current crop of consoles, as well as the next-gen variety.

The main goal Mikami has in mind with this new game is to “bring back survival horror to where it was,” which, apparently, lies in finding “the perfect balance between horror and action.”

The game stars a detective named Sebastian who’s tasked with investigating a murder at an insane asylum. But when he gets there, he discovers that all the police cars that were already on the scene are empty, and that there are no signs of violence. That’s spooky! So, you know, it’s definitely got the right set-up for some scary shit to go down once the game gets going.

The rest of the post goes into some more detail about the demo Tango offered to IGN, and it sounds totally creepy. A lot of running from monsters—as opposed to being able to directly confront them—as well as strange goings-on with your surroundings and losing your way, sort of akin to the experience of Silicon Knights’ Eternal Darkness from way back in the day. At least, that’s how I interpret it. It seems as though Sebastian is going insane, and that—in fact—all of the action may be going on inside the asylum, in his mind. Somehow. I think.

Overall, it definitely sounds horrifying. I will probably never play it. But if you’re into survival horror games, head over to the post to get the full scoop on what Mikami’s got rattling around in his twisted brains.

[Via IGN]

  1. Eternal Darkness was one hell of a creepy game, I think the only other game that made me as tense playing was Amnesia.

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