Is This Weird Video Promoting the Former XCOM Shooter?

Remember that crazy Russian meteor shower from a few months back? Well the owner of the YouTube channel “Veritas MCMLXII” does. Translated from Latin to mean “Truth 1962,” the channel has only one video—the one you see above—that hints at knowing the secret truth behind the rocks that fell from the sky in Eastern Europe.

A post on ShackNews discovered that the source code page for the video also holds the text, “whathappenedin62,” which points to domains recently registered by 2K Games, the publisher behind the XCOM remake, and the long-delayed, 1960s-set shooter that’s been in development at 2K Marin for years. Recently, there have been hints that 2K is rebranding the project to move away from the XCOM franchise and into something new.

Between the source code text, the channel’s name, and the weird extra-terrestrial-themed video, it seems entirely possible that this video is an early attempt at viral marketing for this game. But then, this shooter’s been in development so long, and there’s been so little word about its progress, it may have already been canceled. We won’t know until 2K offers up an actual statement. But whatever this video and “whathappenedin62” is hinting at, we ought to find out soon. What do you think?

[ShackNews via GameInformer]

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