Gearbox Purchases Homeworld, Will Soon Be Available Digitally

Before Relic Entertainment became a household name (in enthusiast houses anyway) with Company of Heroes and Dawn of War, they made a brilliant space RTS called Homeworld.

Almost nobody knows or cares about it except for me, Dave Oshry, and Gearbox Software Chief Creative Officer Brian Martel, because Gearbox put in the highest bid for the Homeworld IP.

The IP was originally owned by Sierra Entertainment, but then went to THQ when Sierra went through a bout of mergers that eventually birthed Activision Blizzard.

While Gearbox is at least a year away from announcing anything new involving the franchise, this announcement does declare their “intent of making [Homeworld and Homeworld 2] accessible on today’s leading digital platforms.”

Sounds like the usual slate of PC re-release platforms, meaning Steam, Good ol’ Games, Gamefly, et al.

With Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines, you’d be forgiven for being a little wary of Gearbox’s acquisition of another IP. Just bear in mind that those games were products of third-party development agreements, so as long as Homeworld stays in-house, it should be safe. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

Personally, I’m just scared at what a publisher would push for Homeworld to become, which is to say I don’t want it to be a third-person shooter.

My hope is that Gearbox can get a publishing deal for Homeworld through 2K Games. They have a working relationship with them through Borderlands, and 2K also published XCOM: Enemy Unknown. That shows me that 2K is willing to let a game be what it is, even if it doesn’t target the Call of Duty demographic.

Basically what I’m saying is — please Gearbox, just put together a 20 man team and make Homeworld 3. Take your time, I can wait.

Preferably with a prog rock single.

  1. We can now only hope they don’t pull a Aliens: Colonial Marines on this. Please gearbox, don’t fuck this up.

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