Ten Minutes of New Link to the Past Footage Appears Online

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced that it’d be releasing a sort-of pseudo-sequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, which would take place in the same game world, and may or may not be an actual follow-up to the Super Nintendo classic. Today nearly ten minutes of footage from the game has appeared on the YouTube channel for German gaming site, NintendoOnline.

What’s cool about the footage is that you can see how seamless Link can transition from 3D walking around to 2D wall-hugging drawing…and man I’m into it. I love games that play with perception and depth and things like that, so I think that the addition of this mechanic will really be pretty awesome to experience. Seeing it in action in this footage only reconfirms that suspicion for me.

But I also know that a considerable amount of Zelda fans weren’t too pleased with the announcement. Now that you can see the game in motion, do you feel any differently? Better? Worse? Indifferent? Would you be interested in this game if it had the same kind of style and mechanics but wasn’t a Zelda title? Lay it on us.

[NintendoOnline via Eurogamer]

  1. cant wait looks fun but i still need to beat the 1st game on wii VC

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