Skyrim Legendary Edition Appears on Polish Retailer Site

skyrim legendary

Sure, the big news today is the reveal of Bethesda’s new survival horror game, The Evil Within. But that doesn’t mean that Skyrim will go quietly into the good night. A post on CVG today points the way to Polish retailer Ultima, which lists The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Legendary Edition on its site for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. On consoles, it only costs 169.90 zł! Apparently Poland’s currency is the “złoty,” and unfortunately, all I can think of now is this guy. I think I might have a problem.

Anyway, that converts out to about $55, so if this is a real product that gets released in the States, don’t be surprised if it costs about $60. The listing also says it includes all the DLC that’s been released for Skyrim, including “Dawnguard,” “Hearthfire,” and “Dragonborn,” and, of course, the regular game. The release date is slated for June 7, but until we hear something official from Bethesda, we can’t be sure that this is the real deal.

But don’t be surprised if it does come out. Skyrim was a huge hit, but that doesn’t mean that everybody bought it. For instance: I didn’t. I’m also not sure that I’d buy this either, even if it is a good deal. But having a fully loaded edition with everything included in it is a smart move on Bethesda’s part, ensuring longtime future sales for those gamers who finally decide to jump on the dragon’s back.

[Via CVG]

  1. They should wait until next gen to release this and use PC ultra graphics instead of low\medium like the current gen does.

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