Jak and Daxter Collection Coming to PS Vita

jak and daxter

Good ol’ Jak and Daxter. That was a pretty decent 3D platformer from way back in the PlayStation 2 era. I played the first one. I never finished it. It was fine.

But there were a lot of Jak and Daxter games, long after I stopped playing, and clearly the kids love it. A collected HD remake edition, Jak and Daxter Collection, came out in February of last year from Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 3. And now it’s coming out on the Vita for $30, says the PlayStation Blog. That’s pretty cool, innit?

The collection will include some “new touch-based applications of certain mini games,” so if nothing else, there will be something different brought to the table this time around. Jak and Daxter is definitely a really great example of a certain generation of platformer, which we first saw with Super Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot and games of their ilk. The J&D titles aren’t fundamentally different than those games, but they are pretty excellent representations of the form. Fans of platformers should take note. Anyone out there still feeling the love for this franchise? Think you’ll be picking it up?

[Via PlayStation Blog]

  1. OH GOD. YES.

    All of my money.

  2. lol..collecting orbs on the bus…I will Mos def be getting this because though I own the Ps3 version, I just love playing things more on my vita. Now I can get super frustrated at that mission where you have to catch all the fish just to go to that that island “On the go…Hopefully Ratchet & Clank & SLy come to Vita As well..

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