MOGA Pro Android Controller Out Now


PowerA, the hardware peripheral company that released last year’s Android-supported mobile controller, the MOGA, released today the MOGA Pro Controller, a Bluetooth-enabled full-size controller that allows you to manipulate your mobile Android games with traditional, non-touch controls.

The controller retails at $49.99 on, and the company’s official website. Starting next month, the MOGA Pro will be up for grabs at Target’s website, Best Buy, Fred Meyer, and GameStop, and Walmart stores.

“The full-size MOGA Pro builds on the tremendous success since the launch of MOGA Pocket Controller last October,” said Eric Bensussen, President of PowerA in a press release.

“When gamers put the MOGA Pro Controller in their hands, there’s an instant familiarity. As the recognized leader with impressive developer support and a growing list of top games including MADFINGER’s Dead Trigger and Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4, we’re giving mobile gamers a console-style experience, with an Android device that they already own.”

The controller itself has rubber grips for handling on the backside, clickable dual analog sticks, four face buttons, a D-pad, shoulder buttons, and triggers. It also comes with a USB-rechargeable battery pack and a stand for your tablet (should you have one). The package includes the MOGA Pivot App, which acts as a central hub for all MOGA-supported Android games.

A full list of supported games can be seen here, but from what we’ve seen (and played as well), you’ll see games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Shadowgun: DeadZone, Sonic CD, Dead Trigger and previously Wii-exclusive The Conduit HD to be supported.

We’ll have a review going up for the MOGA Pro within the next few days, which you should check back in for if you’re on the fence about giving it a whirl.

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