More Hints at 2K Rebranding XCOM Shooter

xcom shooter

A screenshot from “The Bureau.”

For a number of years now, 2K Games has been working on a 1950s-set shooter with government agents and aliens that was supposed to be a new installment in the classic strategy franchise XCOM. But considering that a) it’s not a strategy game, and b) a great strategy remake of XCOM came out from Firaxis and 2K late last year, the need for this shooter to be a part of the XCOM universe hasn’t been quite as great as it was when development first started.

Recently, rumors have been swirling that the project is being rebranded—and a post on Eurogamer brings more evidence of such a move to light. Apparently the website related to the project has been taken down, while the videos of the game’s footage has been taken off of 2K’s YouTube channel. That move, combined with the registration of domains relating to something called “The Bureau,” it still looks like the game may come out under that title instead of XCOM.

Now, there’s not much more evidence other than that. In fact, it’s entirely possible that the game’s been canceled. But considering how much time and energy’s already gone into this game’s development, I wouldn’t be surprised if 2K decided to try and recoup some of that expense with a quick and dirty digital release. Maybe that’s what’ll happen? Will it be worth the wait? And is Firaxis going to be bringing a new XCOM adventure out for us to love? So many questions.

[Via Eurogamer]

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