Skyrim Update 1.9 Removes Overall Level Cap, Adds Legendary Skills


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim from Bethesda Game Studios is still receiving frequent, chunky updates across all platforms, even 1.5 years following its release. The latest update, titled Update 1.9 has been released for consoles and adds new legendary skills that “removes the overall level cap”, according to Bethesda’s blog.

Players can now change their skill set to legendary, which resets the respective skill to level 15. This additionally returns its associated perks and allows for re-leveling. This is what is implied by the “overall level cap” removal. Additionally, a plain-and-simple legendary difficulty setting has been added to increase the game’s overall challenge if you enjoy ripping your own hair out.

As is typical with game updates, Update 1.9 squashes a good number of bugs, including those that made NPCs respawn improperly or made dragon NPC Alduin go invincible. No, that’s not a feature on legendary difficulty – or at least, it had better not be.

You can read the full list of patch notes over on the Bethesda blog, or you can enjoy the hilarity of this Skyrim GIF.

Top notch.

[Source: Beth Blog]

  1. “Fixed rare instance of couriers who would appear only dressed in a hat”

    Boooo. They’re just no fun at all.

  2. Wow EA/Maxis could learn alot from Bethesda about putting Gamers at the top of their business!

    Cough Cough… Cluster#$% City still broken….

  3. M-muh Oghma Infinium glitch :”(
    But in all honesty, it’s nice to see the level cap removed. Kudos to Bethesda for implementing that in a functional way.

  4. There appears to be a bit of a problem with the legendary skill feature added to the game. In a sense you can basically leave a skill until you run out of the item you were using the upgrade the skill. By that I went legendary with my alchemy just to see how broken it is and I combined it with another glitch that makes your enchantments on your current armour increase as you keep taking restoration potions. I’ve gone legendary 15 time with that one so far. I was just wondering if there is going to be a point in which I can stop or not.

  5. nice the only complaint about skyrim has been fixed i dont think ill ever be able to stop playing now

  6. can you do legendary skills an infinite time? ive done illusion 5 times so far xD

  7. The only reason i dont like this is because it allows for crazy OPed Dragonborns. it takes the strategy and importance of the perks away.

    • Going legendary is not required to play skyrim, you stay 81.5 in your game and i’ll stay 124 in mine. Plain and simple

      • Someone decided to get touchy three months after the article was posted. They’re talking about their own issues, no need to get defensive over your precious save files.

  8. I seem to be having a problem with this in that I’ve set two of my skills one of them being smithing to legendary, as stated they reset and gave back the points but those two skills won’t progress any further staying at level 101 with a full progress meter. Does this mean i’ve lost the perks allowing me to make the other armours that I’ve spent a fair amount of time and money(gamewise) getting the materials for?

    new to the game and totally impressed but a little confused, any help would earn a gift of charity.

  9. p.s. i’m on xbox

  10. I wonder what happens when you level up enough to fill all the perks in all the trees? Do you just stack up your perks? I’m level 150 now with 26 legendaries in smith and 8 in alteration.

  11. There is no level cap, there are a maximum number of perks, but once youve got every perk in the game you can still keep leveling to gain base stats if you want…

    Honestly the dragonborn gets too OP as soon as you finish Smithing anyway so I hardly have a problem with it.

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