XBLA Minecraft Update Brings the Bugs

Hey, so, remember that update to the XBLA version of Minecraft that was supposed to go live today? There’s a good-news, bad-news kinda thing that you should be aware of.

The good news is the update went live a day early! The bad news is that it’s all buggy and makes the game crash. Whoops!

But according to tweets from the developer behind the Xbox version, 4J Studios, they’re on the case, and they’ve even got a few short-term solutions for you:


As you can see, the problems seem to be restricted to gamers who connect to Xbox LIVE via the Silver plan, not the Gold. Anyone out there have issues with the update? If so, make sure you tell 4J on their Twitter account so you can help them squash’nem bugs.

[Via Polygon]

  1. When entering the end, other players in the end starts lagging then it freeze the game.

    Other thing is when leaving the end you are falling from the world. Please fix it and also the lags . Thank you 4j studios for this awesome update. Keep moving forward.

  2. Only for Silver user
    Still paying minecraft, oups i mean playing..

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