The Astronauts Want You to Vote on Concept Art

ethan carter concept art

A couple months back, we learned about a new game called The Vanishing of Ethan Carter from former People Can Fly developers, the Astronauts. While there still isn’t a whole lot about the game that we know right now, there’s a new post on the studio’s blog that invites readers to take a look at some concept art, and vote on the images they think are best.

Check it out:

“Our goal is to make a game that the world of which is defined by “subtle”. We asked our concept artist, Bernard, to come up with a few quick sketches that show what it means, exactly.

We’ve chosen two actual elements of the game: something buried in the woods, and an old well. We wanted to come up with imagery that sparkles the player’s imagination – what exactly is it that’s buried? And why? Is the well empty, or does it contain a secret that should never be found? – without going for the obvious and too dramatic.”

It’s a neat idea, though I’m still a bit fuzzy on how the votes will affect the development of the game. Even still, it’s nice to see a studio actively trying to engage its audience in the process, not to mention showing off some concept art that doesn’t have a) guns or b) people getting shot with guns. It’s different, and that’s cool.

So head over to the Astronauts’ post and take a look at the art that’s been posted. Let’em know what you think.

[Via The Astronauts]

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