Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Screens Leaked

Call it hiding in plain sight. On Monday, which just so happened to be April Fool’s Day, Ubisoft put up a website for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, an ‘80s-movie style something-or-other that seemed to tease some genuine forthcoming DLC.

Well, over on AllGamesBeta, it seems that some very cool-looking screenshots have appeared, making the weird site seem all the more real. There’s going to be some kind of science fiction facility infiltration, and all kinds of weird ‘80s action movie style homages, I’m guessing.

Now, I didn’t have a chance to get down with Far Cry 3 yet—I pick and choose which games I dive into based on budget and time, don’t ya know. So I’ve got zero clue how all this fits in with the regular version of the game. Any theories or thoughts on what the hell is going on here? Got anything on your wish list for what you’d like to see when the DLC these screens seem to be from hits—whenever that winds up being?

So many questions…

[AllGamesBeta via Joystiq]

  1. This is funny. It’s like if a game like TES got into the industrial age or something… Wait… Oh god I hope that happens, I love vidya centered around that. Dishonoured and Fable 3 (Not that Fable 3 was THAT good, but it was okay). Can’t think of any other.

    Seems like fun though, I picture this being sort of a simulation type deal where if not the entire islands in Far Cry 3 are in this style.

  2. It’s like skyrim with laser guns.

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