Borderlands 2 and Season Pass on Sale at Amazon

borderlands 2 deal

If you’ve been putting off getting Borderlands 2 from Gearbox and 2K Games, today is the time when you stop doing that. Over in Amazon’s Gold Box, Borderlands 2 and the DLC season pass for PC is the deal of the day. You can grab a digital copy of the game for only $20, while the season pass is a mere $10, discounts from their usual prices of $60 and $30, respectively.

Of course, if you’re smart you’ll grab the game and the season pass in a bundle for $25, which is just ridiculously cheap. And, because the download is via Steam, you’ll be able to play with all your other Steam pals, meaning it’s a great friggin’ deal.

Man…I’m trying to save money over here. Stop tempting me, Amazon. C’mon.

[Amazon Deal of the Day]

  1. Picked up the season pass by itself. $10 for all that content is pretty bangin’.

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