LEGO Marvel Superheroes Screens Smash onto the Interwebs

I’m a total convert. Back when I first played LEGO Indiana Jones, a pack-in title with my Xbox 360, I was kind of non-plussed. I didn’t really get it: was it a platformer? A puzzle game? A building game? When I tried the demo for LEGO Batman 2, I started to understand a bit more, and the addition of voice acting helped a ton. But when I got my hands on LEGO City Undercover, and its open-world, LEGO-fueled shenanigans, I finally got it.

That’s why I’m so stoked about the forthcoming Marvel flavor of the LEGO video game thing, set to come out sometime during the third or fourth quarter of this year for every platform currently on the market. As you can see from the screens, the production values are pretty great looking—for a LEGO game, I mean. But even still, if there’s the open-world element that was there in Undercover and Batman, I think we’ll have a winner, for sure. I mean, come on! Spider-Man! Iron Man! The Hulk! As long as they have a solid voice cast and some great, open-world Marvel Universe environments to explore, this is going to be a surefire winner.

I can’t wait. Sign me up, man. I’m excited. And, moreover, I’m excited to be excited. Everything’s so cynical these days. LEGO games are just about the only pure and good thing we’ve got left.

Whoa. That took a turn. I’m gonna go eat a cookie. And then you should read our preview of the game right here!

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