Wii U Aliens Colonial Marines MIA

wii u acm

Coming as a surprise to basically no one, it seems as though the much-hyped Wii U version of Sega and Gearbox Software’s Aliens: Colonial Marines is missing in action. Clearly the game missed its originally planned March release window (since it’s, you know, April), and there’s no clear indication as to when—or if—the game will make it onto the Wii U at all.

According to a post on GameSpot, a Sega spokesperson has repeatedly offered “no comment on ACM” regarding the now long-delayed Wii U version of the game. And about a week and a half ago, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford cast plenty of doubt on whether or not the Wii U version would come out at all:

“We’ll see. That’s not our call. I think [developer Demiurge Studios] did amazing work. I think it’s really cool, but Sega’s got to figure that out. We’re doing the best we can.”

That’s something of a 180 considering how enthusiastic he was about the implementation of the Wii U GamePad controller on ACM. I was actually still looking forward to giving the Wii U version a try, despite the fact that the already-released version leaves much to be desired. Bummer.

At this point? I’d say it’s pretty unlikely that Sega’s going to bother releasing this game now, considering the bad rap its gotten, and the fact that the Wii U isn’t really selling too super well, either. Why bother manufacturing discs and boxes, and paying people to ship your game around all over the world if it’s not even going to make back the money you’ve invested to develop it in the first place? Yeah…let’s put this one on the “canceled” pile today.

[Via GameSpot]

  1. My preemptive sympathies for any Wii-U owners who were waiting on this.

    Seriously, you could get the same buzz by watching ALIENS while holding your controller. It’s pure fan service, just really poorly executed.

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