The Adventures of Dash Fails to Meet Kickstarter Goal

Robotoki, the indie studio founded by ex-Infinity Ward creative director Robert Bowling last year, failed to find success with its new game, The Adventures of Dash, on Kickstarter – closing the month-long funding run at a mere $33,121 of the requested $400,000 goal.

The game, which was detailed via its sudden announcement over 30 days ago, involves a narcoleptic young boy named Dash, who visits new dream worlds every time he falls asleep. The company’s other game, the survival-themed Human Element, is still scheduled for launch on next-generation consoles in 2015. So far, all we have for that is some promotional imagery.

Neither Robert Bowling nor a representative from Robotoki have stepped forward to detail development plans for The Adventures of Dash going forward, or whether or not they plan to continue it at all.

It’s a bummer – the game looked, at the very least, interesting – with some cool and varied art. Did you back the game?

[via Polygon]

  1. Looks like an interesting game that kinda reminds me of the XBLA titel comic jump. Sad that it didn’t meet the kickstarter goal. I Hope it will somehow be developed on.

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