SimCity DLC is Nissan Leaf Advertisement

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A lot of people have been giving EA and Maxis grief for SimCity’s always-on internet connection—not to mention how that component is largely responsible for the crazy-bad botch job during the game’s launch. Today, though, the first bit of DLC has been released for SimCity…and it’s basically an advertisement for the Nissan Leaf electric car. Hrm.

The details of the DLC are over on EA’s forums: specifically, the free in-game item is a Nissan Leaf Charging Station, as it raises Sims’ happiness every time they use the station, and provide a “onetime wave of happiness to the nearby businesses.” Not only that, “it produces no sewage or garbage,” so that’s got to be good for your city, right?

But, like…it’s totally sponsored by Nissan, right? That’s kind of weird. I know it’s “free” DLC in that it doesn’t cost any money, but it’s a branded piece of content in a video game. It’s a commercial. The cost is that I have to look at Nissan’s logo in my game of SimCity. I guess I wouldn’t mind it as much if there were branded items all over the place, but the fact that there’s just one—even one for such an innocuous, Earth-friendly product like the Leaf—is kind of grating.

That’s just my opinion. At least it wasn’t an ad for, like, Hummers or Burger King or Dow Chemical or something. Your thoughts?

[EA Forums]

  1. Seems to me that they are trying to milk every last penny they can get from this garbage through day 1 dlc and now in game ads.

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