Duke Nukem 2 Out on iOS Today

Duke Nukem 2, one of the few Duke games to be remembered as good, has landed on the iOS App Store today for $1.99, port-developer Interceptor Entertainment announced this morning.

The port contains all 32 levels that launched in the original Duke Nukem 2, and includes features like quick saving, quick loading, and online leaderboards to track your level of awesomeness versus that of your friends. The game is playable on iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 (and iPod Touch siblings of the same processing capability), as well as all iPad versions.

“Marketing madman” for Interceptor Entertainment, Dave Oshry, has probably stopped touching himself long enough after his meeting with TotalBiscuit to plan the touching of himself to the launch of this game. His self-proclaimed Duke fandom will propel him far into the stars one day, joining star child as King and Queen of the Galaxy.

This game also came out, like, 20 decades ago. LET IT GO, DAVE.

[via Polygon]

  1. Never Played Duke until he went 3D, was this game any good? Looks kinda platformer shooty Commander Keen Style.

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