Blizzard Planning Diablo III Co-Op Overhaul

diablo III coop improvements

The folks over at Blizzard are going to make the cooperative play features of Diablo III better by improving the social and matchmaking functions of the game. The forthcoming update, patch 1.0.8, to be specific, will introduce the “matchmaking tag,” which will help players signal to others what kind of co-op game they’re looking to play. So far, that includes “Questing, Full Act Clear, Keywarden, and PvP.”

“The goal is make it easier for players to find groups that fit their personal play style or will yield the best experience during any given play session,” explains Blizzard’s Wyatt Cheng in his post on “We’ll be evaluating these tags during PTR, so if you have suggestions for other tags please don’t hesitate to let us know!”

Blizzard is also going to be creating more in-game bonuses and rewards for cooperative games, not to mention reducing how much health monsters gain in cooperative games—so instead of two players fighting a monster with 70 percent more health than it would in the solo game, it’ll only have a 50 percent. Easier monsters! That’s an incentive right there.

There are plenty more planned improvements on the way, too, like the “identify all” feature, combat alerts, a tool for identifying players close to you geographically (for those gamers living in dorms, for instance), and private chat. So does this make you happy, Diablo III fans? It all sounds pretty decent, I have to say…though I can imagine some of the more masochistic among you are mad about the easier monsters. Let us know what you think.


  1. I though they would modify how the game behave in the presence of multiple players, and not just the single player experience, with people.

    But then again, I give WAY too much credit to Blizzard.

  2. Blizzard keeps improving this game day by day and in few years people gonna call it legendary you see.Love the changes needed them alot.

    • I’m honestly curious here, not trolling, you seem to be fan of the game and the changes made, so how did it improve? aside from PVP and they conning people into playing more for Paragon?

      I’m obviously bias on the subject, since to me, a year later the game is still the same, boring, grindy and forgettable, but your comment seem to be on the polar opposite so, do share.

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