Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon’s April Fools Site Hints at…Something

Today’s a particularly annoying day to have a job writing about news of any kind. Every new story has to be scrutinized extra hard, for fear that we’ll report something that’s just utter bullshit. But sometimes, the jokes themselves can hide news—or at least hint at it in weird ways. Such is the case with an April Fools site for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

As pointed out by Joystiq, the site for Blood Dragon—which has been rumored to be forthcoming DLC for Far Cry 3 since last month—is clearly a wacky April Fools’ prank. It’s built to resemble the websites of the internet’s past, with flashing, animated gifs all over the place, a bizarre trailer for an ‘80s-style movie (set in the future year of 2007), and just all kinds of crazy web-based chicanery.

My favorite bit is the quote from the movie’s protagonist, Rex Colt: “Elite army dudes are elite.” I’ve been saying this for years.

Anyway, the fact that this site exists isn’t really noteworthy—but as the Joystiq post points out, one enterprising gamer entered the Konami code while on the site (for keyboards, it’s up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Enter), and suddenly the mouse cursor became crosshairs. That allows users to start clicking on everything on the site to blow it all up…leaving just this mysterious gif in the center of your screen.

What’s it mean? There’s an omega symbol in the…whatever’s chest. Red, glowing eyes. What the what?

On a day like today, it’s hard to come by actual news. And while I have no answers for you, this was at least weird and interesting enough in some form of reality that it was worth some attention today. Start your speculation…now.

[Blood Dragon via Joystiq]

  1. Clicking on the shop link and then trying to buy something leads to a static image of the achievements list.

    Spoilers? On the main page?


  2. With the screens that were released today, this is looking like it’s going to be pretty fun.

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