Art of Brutal Legend Coffee Table Book Coming Next Week

brutal legend art book

As you may have noticed from some of our other posts today, it’s a bit hard sorting out the real stuff from the PRANKZ today, what with all the April TomFOOLery. But Tim Schafer, the head honcho of indie-developer darling Double Fine Productions, offered up the following Tweet that should be of interest to longtime fans of the studio:


And then, just in case you weren’t convinced that you’re looking at the real deal, he followed that up with this:

And, as you can see from the official website listing for the book, it’s a real, really-real thing. It’s set to come out on April 9 from Udon Entertainment, the folks who put out the Art of Sonic and the Marvel vs. Capcom Official Complete Works books, so they definitely know what’s up.

It’s pcool, especially if you’ve long loved Schafer, Double Fine and all they do. Anyone planning on grabbing a copy?

[Via Twitter]

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