After Today Deus Ex Human Defiance Trademark Might Be…Nothing?

Not too long ago, Square Enix filed a trademark for Deus Ex: Human Defiance, which I speculated would be a new sequel. Shortly afterward, people began thinking that, in fact, Human Defiance was the name of the forthcoming film-adaptation. Today, developer Eidos Montreal posted the above YouTube video: “Deus Ex: Human Defiance – First Look.”

Obviously, there isn’t going to be an 8-bit sequel coming out—though that might be a lot of fun. But since the Human Defiance we see in the trailer above is clearly a joke, what’s the trademark signify? A post on Joystiq may have the answer: nothing—or, at least, not anymore.

The post points the way back to the Deus Ex Facebook page, particularly a comment from the page’s administrator, who had this to say about the trademark’s origins:

“Actually the Human Defiance name was registered on the off-chance […] we might need it, but it was decided later that it wouldn’t be used. So, we just decided to take the opportunity to have a little fun ;-)”

Now, this could be the end to the mystery. OR IT COULD BE JUST THE BEGINNING. See that damned winky-face emoticon at the end of the comment? That is internet-speak for “everything I said is bogus.” Or, it’s internet-speak for, “haha, aren’t I funny?” Or, “click to see my private pics, just 4 u.” The last of those doesn’t really apply here, so I’m going with one of the first two meanings.

Either way, it seems as though Human Defiance is, well, nothing. But, again, today’s still April Fool’s Day. So a sequel announcement could be just around the corner. Or, you know, never.

Man, today is annoying.

[Deus Ex: Human Defiance via Joystiq

  1. Damn April Fools. Bloody halo has jumped in and all the challenges are crazy. “Complete 1 game for 19exp” and “kill 5000 players for 10000exp” kinda stuff. Though I am about to get 24k exp for something real easy. Though. It could be lying.
    On topic…Deus Ex can shush for a while. Was a great game but I want the next one to be next gen. Unless it is, meh. Oh and as for the movie…because they work well :)

  2. That actually looks like it would be pretty damn fun if it were real.

  3. I was so creeped out when I looked at the newsletter and saw Kovic shoving whatever into his mouth


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