As a precautionary measure I have taken it upon myself to preserve the digital fact that, Dave Oshry TALKED to the (pronounced thee) Total FREAKIN Biscuit.


As you can tell from Dave’s inability to contain himself over the span of something like, two minutes, we here at Inside Gamin’ share the exact same fear as Mr. Oshry: THE END TIMES. We are a mere 24 hours away from The Lords great return and we would like to remember this planet as the (pronounced thee) place where Dave “LOOK AT PICTURES OF MY DOG AND WALL MOUNTS” Oshry was within farting distance of the one and only Totalbiscuit or Totalhalibut…I heard he likes Planetside 2.

Dave Oshry is a videogame developer or blogger who for reasons unknown, continues to promote a game that came out nearly two decades ago.


  1. Can somebody explain to me what do these tweets mean?

  2. “…to promote a game that came our nearly two decades ago.”

    A game that came “our”??? Don’t ya mean out?

  3. L.R. (Screamoluvr)

    Yes more TotalBiscuit Features please :)))

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