Xbox Live Adds Another Rewards Program: MyPunchCard

With a name that oddly implies gaming is work, MyPunchCard is yet another rewards program from Xbox Live designed to goad you into buying games and playing them.

Take a second to savor that a company is throwing freebies at you to get you to play more games. What a world.

Anyway, the program will dole out three rewards for accomplishing varying milestones within the month of April —

  • Play 20 hours of XBLA games total and get a free avatar item
  • Purchase any XBLA game worth 400 MSP ($5) or more and get a free month of Xbox Live
  • Spend 3200 MSP ($40) on XBLA games total and get 800 MSP ($10) back

Plus, if you accomplish all three goals, you’ll be “guaranteed a spot in an upcoming VIP Exclusives [sic],” whatever that means.

This sounds like a great way to squeeze an extra purchase or two out of gamers if they’re right under the cutoff for any of the goals.

[via MajorNelson]

  1. Meh, I prefer Club Nintendo since they give me physical rewards. A free poster is a lot cooler than any of this stuff.

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