Hotline Miami 2 Details Emerge

hotline miami details

If you’ve played Hotline Miami, chances are you like it a lot. So you’re probably eager to learn about Hotline Miami 2, the sequel coming from Dennaton Games. Details about the indie developer’s newest game emerged during an interview with Joystiq at GDC.

Apparently the new game’s plot will offer up a parallel story to the first game’s, meaning that the protagonist from the original Hotline Miami will only make a guest appearance in the sequel. In addition, there are talks with Sony to try and arrange a simultaneous PC and PlayStation Vita release for the sequel, as the first one is still in the process of being ported to the handheld.

Of the time spent working with Sony, Dennaton Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin said:

“They’ve been super nice. They let us do whatever we want.”

That’s good news, because their doing whatever they want is exactly what managed to make the original Hotline Miami one of the sleeper indie hits of 2012. And, as it turns out, the sequel will be the last installment in the Hotline Miami franchise (Two games officially makes it a franchise, right?). Keep being weird, you guys.

[Via Joystiq]

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